CNR Conduit not required wire

Another exciting, new product from Ventex: The VA-W09CNR LED cable. The CNR stands for Conduit Not Required and represents an elegant time and money saving solution for the lighting industry. You no longer have to chisel through concrete to drive a piece of conduit through so your lighting wire is encased. This UL listed product does not need conduit. Our wire, designed to be used with the Venbrite series wired system, does not need conduit. The¬†cable is a twin conductor – there are red arrows on the wire to indicate polarity so you can keep the wires going in the correct direction. There is a green ground wire that is on the other conductor which is the gorund connection. The VA-W09 CNR cable drastically reduces installation time and saves money by simplifying the process. You can remote mount up to 175′ from the first LED and is an excellent opportunity to save time, labor and money with this easy to use, simple UL listed product from Ventex.

ZNPA2 wire data