Neon Power Supplies


Electronic Neon Power Supplies to Fit Every Sign Lighting Application

In 1997, UL listed the first Ventex Technology, LLC, Electronic Neon Power Supply for channel letter and sign lighting. Although it wasn’t easy replacing the sign industry’s standard electro-magnetic neon transformers, today, Ventex Technology’s UL 2161 listed Generation III Electronic Neon Power Supplies are widely considered the neon sign industry standard.

The Broadest, Most Reliable Line of Neon Power Supplies

To this day, Ventex Technology, LLC offers the broadest and most reliable line of neon power supplies available for both indoor and outdoor sign lighting applications. Our Generation III Electronic Neon Power Supply technology provides reliable, user-friendly power to neon signs on a global basis. Driven to meet the needs of our sign company customers and their clients, our electronic neon power supply products evolved as the direct result of engineering capabilities and experience unmatched in the neon sign power supply industry

Neon Power Supplies to Fit Every Application

With footprints as small as 4.9” x 1.5” x .9”, and power ratings from 4 to 12 kV with both 30 & 60 mA power ratings, Ventex Technology’s Generation III Electronic Neon Power Supplies offer comparable energy efficiency to LED signs. Additionally, their minimal space requirements allow sign companies to fabricate smaller neon channel letters and signs than ever before.  With input voltages of 120, 240, and 277 VAC and 12VDC, we have the electronic neon power supply to fit every application.