Indoor Neon Power Supplies

Indoor Neon Power Supplies

Engineered For Crisper, Brighter, More Uniform Signs

Get brighter signs, easier assembly and proven reliability with Ventex Generation III UL listed indoor power supplies.

Features unique to Ventex indoor neon power supplies

  • field proven performance since 1997
  • smaller and lightweight designs allow for simple and quick neon power supply installation
  • true 30mA output
  • 10 foot power cord
  • 9kV and 12kV dimmable models available
  • on/off pull chain or switch
  • available in 120VAC, 220/240VAC
  • 32″ GTO leads or GTO clamping

With our exclusive Generation III indoor neon power supplies, we offer the most technologically advanced neon power supplies available.  Smaller, lightweight design allows for simple installation and a full 30mA output makes your neon sign crisper and brighter, with a more uniform intensity.  Our two and three level dimmable models allow you to control the intensity to fit any environmental situation.


Generation III


4000 Series
Up to 4000 Volts of Power

30 mA @ 120V AC

5500 Series
Up to 5500 Volts of Power

20 mA @ 120V AC
20 mA @ 120V AC with Flying Leads
20 mA @ 120V AC Animated with Flying Leads

6000 Series
Up to 6000 Volts of Power

30 mA @ 120V AC
30 mA @ 240V AC

9000 Series
Up to 9000 Volts of Power

30 mA @ 120V AC
30 mA @ 240V AC
30 mA @ 120V AC Flashing
30 mA @ 120V AC Dimming
30 mA @ 240V AC Dimming

12000 Series
Up to 12000 Volts of Power

30 mA @ 120V AC
30 mA @ 240V AC
30 mA @ 120V AC Dimming