Tube Footage Chart


Ventex Luminous Tube Footage Chart – Download PDF


  1. The above footage chart is intended to be a guideline. Actual driving distances may vary due to application.
  2. VT Series electronic power supplies have overload shut-down protection. If activated, unit will flash (trip-off) to protect itself and must be turned off/on to reset protection.
  3. Ventex electronic power supplies are fully self adjusting from minimum to maximum voltage rating.
  4. Do not load with mA meter. Ventex electronic power supplies will self regulate to maintain 30 or 60 mA (±1 mA) regardless of load.
  5. Deduct one foot from above driving footages for each pair of electrodes.
  6. Transformers must be de-rated if used in ambient temperatures higher than specified.
  7. “Triple-Shot” automatically turns on up to three times in about four seconds.

*Equivalent to core & coil mA rating for light intensity.