Fluorescent & Neon Tube Tester

Safe and easy to operate.


  • Safe and easy to operate
  • Tests neon (Cold Cathode) Tubes
  • Tests fluorescent (Hot Cathode) Lamps
  • Tests mercury, metal halide and sodium vapor lamps
  • Telescopic Aerial for extended reach
  • Continuity Test
  • Includes test leads
  • Battery powered
  • Small, compact and rugged
  • Positive action rocker switch
  • Easy battery changing — no screws
  • High frequency output

2-Year Warranty



Part Number Description Unit of Measure
84545 Tube Tester with carrying case Each
84546 Tube Tester without carrying case Each

Includes Duracell or Energizer battery.



  1. Tests:
    • Neon tubes
    • Fluorescent lamps
    • Mercury vapor
    • Metal halide lamps
    • Low- and high-pressure sodium vapor lamps
  2. Continuity Test
    • Circuit indicator includes an LED lamp
  3. Includes:
    • Telescopic aerial
    • Test leads
    • 9VDC battery
  4. Compact, rugged housing construction for in-field use
  5. Optional carrying case to store and leads available