Low-Voltage LED Wire

This wire is 18AWG and has 1 conductor.

About Low-Voltage Wire

The output leads of the VLP125SPD-120 LED Driver are composed of Low-Voltage LED Wire. The positive wire exits the driver with the arrows pointing away from the driver and toward the LEDs. This wire is connected to the (+) of the first LED module in the string, whether directly or with additional arrow-marked LV Wire, as the driver can be up to 300 feet away from the first LED. The LED string wire, between each module, is also composed of this arrow-marked wire.

The last LED module is connected/returned to the negative wire which has its arrows pointing toward the LED Driver. For the VLP100 and VLP200 series Drivers with red and black leads, the Low-Voltage LED wire is attached where the red lead is the positive and arrows face away from the driver and the black lead has the arrows facing toward the driver.


Part Number Description Temperature Rating Voltage Rating Dry/Damp/Wet Rating Unit of Measure
70750 VA-W09-100 Low-Voltage LED Wire 105°C 600VAC Dry/Damp 100-foot Spool
70755 VA-W09-500 Low-Voltage LED Wire 105°C 600VAC Dry/Damp 500-foot Spool