Resin Bond Adhesive™

Use with our #25 Hypo Glue Applicator for acrylic plastic and sign trim in channel letters.


  • Single-component (Methylene Chloride) based cement
  • Thin and fast setting, creating a strong bond
  • Cost effective
  • Clear in color
  • Available in quarts and gallons
  • Specifically designed to join acrylic plastic to acrylic plastic; acrylic plastic to sign trim (Cellulose Acetate Butyrate); changeable letter track to acrylic plastic


Part Number Description Unit of Measure
86900 Quart Each
86905 Gallon Each

Only ships via Pallet/LTL. Use #25 Hypo Glue Applicator with Resin Bond. Use on extruded acrylic track. For modified acrylic (DR) or polycarbonate, try our Channel Bond Adhesive.