Venbrite System 200 LED Sign Lighting

Premium LEDs with superior brightness and maximum energy efficiency. Ideal for signs 5-8″ deep.


  • Match or beat light output of all other LED systems with less footage, fewer drivers, lower energy consumption, and reduce up front and long-term costs
  • Cooler running (adding only 30ºC at LED junction) than all Class 2 systems, ensuring longer life and more consistent illumination over time
  • Evenly illuminates up to 6” wide stroke, reducing module counts and system costs
  • String Efficacy up to 117 lumens/watt
  • Series wired, constant-current technology allows 175’ remote mounting of power supplies with 18 AWG wire, minimizing future service call costs
  • Brighter than 60mA neon, with a 70-93% energy reduction
  • Built-in GFI, open circuit and short circuit
  • Has overload and polarity protection, minimizing failures
  • UL Classified for Neon-to-LED Retrofits using existing GTO wiring and conduit, saving 40% over competitive conversion systems
  • Exceptionally bright, single-bin Nichia white chip

5-Year Warranty



Venbrite LED Module VL-W200 VL-WW200
LED Type White 200 Warm White 200
Color/Wavelength  6,500 K  4,100 K
String Efficacy 122 lm/W 97  lm/W
LED Module Current 250 mA-dc 250 mA-dc
Watts per Module 0.77 W 0.77 W
Watts per Foot 1.54 W/ft 1.54 W/ft
Lumens per Module 94 lm 75 lm
Lumens per Foot 188 lm/ft 150 lm/ft
Maximum Load/Driver 70 Modules (35 ft)
Minimum Modules/Driver 1 LED Module all colors
Allowable Mod-Mod Pitch  Maximum= 6”
Module Size (LxWxH) 1.10” x 1.25” x 0.20”

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