Venbrite LED Sign Lighting System

The Industry’s Most Energy Efficient LED System

LED Sign Lighting Systems

Developed by the driving force in sign lighting technology

Series Wired – Just Like Neon

As the sign industry’s leader in power supply technology, the solution to the limitations present in all Class 2 systems was obvious – go with what you know. For 19 years Ventex has been manufacturing constant current power supplies for series wired neon signs. We repurposed that technology, and much of the circuitry we’d already developed, and created the sign industry’s only series wired, constant current LED system. In doing so, we eliminated the energy-consuming, heat-generating electronic components that our competitors must include in each and every LED module to regulate the current from their constant voltage Class 2 power supplies. The results are extraordinary:

  • Highest Lumen per Watt output of any LED system on the market
  • Only one powered component per module – the LED chip
  • LED junction temperature of 80˚C, 50˚C lower than most competitors’ Class 2 systems
  • Power supplies can be remote mounted up to 175 feet from signs using standard #18AWG wire for easy and cost effective access
  • Evenly illuminates up to 8″ wide with a single stroke, reducing module counts and system cost
  • Single wire design simplifies and expedites factory installation, reducing production time and cost
  • Safe, low current UL recognized design with built in GFI, open circuit, short circuit, overload and polarity protection
  • Series wired, just like neon
  • UL Classified for Neon to LED retrofits using existing GTO and conduit, saving 40% over competitive conversion systems


Never satisfied with past performance, the Engineering team at Ventex set out to rethink LED s as a light source for signage.


The industry standard Class 2 LED systems were developed using technology that was intended for uses other than sign lighting. Ventex developed a better way, the right way to power LEDs – Venbrite.


LEDs are current rated devices. They require constant current to illuminate evenly and properly. Driving them with constant voltage power supplies and regulating the current at the module level just doesn’t make sense, yet that’s what every LED manufacturer in the sign industry does. Every LED manufacturer EXCEPT Ventex.

Venbrite. The simplest, most energy efficient method to illuminate LEDs.