Remote Mounting Neon and LED power supplies

Venbrite Delivers 175 Feet Remote Mounting

Easy access to power supplies Lower maintenance costs

No other sign lighting LED system has the reach of the Venbrite LED System and Rapid Retrofit by Ventex. Through our technologically superior, series wired, constant current design, only Venbrite and Rapid Retrofit can deliver the necessary current to drive LED modules located up to 175’ from the power supply using standard 18 gauge wire.

Added convenience, reduced costs and a more consistent brand presentation – Ventex delivers.

Remote power supply mounting provides numerous benefits:

    • Outages are repaired more quickly and easily, with minimal sign down time
    • Power supply longevity increases when mounting in reduced temperature locations
    • Eliminates the need for cranes, lifts and scaffolding required for service calls, high-rise building signs, pole signs and pylon signs
    • Minimizes customer inconveniences caused by blocked building entrances during service calls
    • Faster and safer installations with less time spent in buckets, cranes or scaffolding

The Venbrite LED System is the perfect solution for difficult to access signs.  No other system allows the power supply to be mounted up to 175 feet away from the first LED module.  This option provides for safer, faster installation and service calls.


Never satisfied with past performance, the Engineering team at Ventex set out to rethink LED s as a light source for signage.


The industry standard Class 2 LED systems were developed using technology that was intended for uses other than sign lighting. Ventex developed a better way, the right way to power LEDs – Venbrite.


LEDs are current rated devices. They require constant current to illuminate evenly and properly. Driving them with constant voltage power supplies and regulating the current at the module level just doesn’t make sense, yet that’s what every LED manufacturer in the sign industry does. Every LED manufacturer EXCEPT Ventex.

Venbrite. The simplest, most energy efficient method to illuminate LEDs.