Slim Series LED sign lighting system

Slim Series LED Sign Lighting System

.45 Inch Wide Footprint, Ideal for Use in Narrow Stroke and/or  Shallow Signs

The Venbrite Slim Series is the ideal choice for more detailed applications – narrow strokes, shallow cans, halo and edge lit. The LED modules are small enough to fit in letters with thin, 1/2” strokes. Designed with 3 modules per foot, they provide the perfect illumination for narrow and shallow channel letters, or with halo or edge lit signs as shallow as 2”. These small units are available in both red and white.

  • The choice for illuminated returns and face lit signs from 1.25” to 5” deep
  • Single and double chip modules for various applications
  • With three 1/2 watt LED modules per foot, will provide better illumination than 1/2 watt system with two modules per foot