System 200 LED Modules and Drivers

System 200 LED Modules and Drivers

Ultra-bright LED for deep cans, day/night faces & bright signs.

The 1 watt Venbrite System 200 sign lighting system utilizes ultra-bright, 1 watt LEDs for maximum brightness in all sign types, including deep cans and day/night faces.  With 2 modules per foot, the Venbrite System 200 white LEDs tested brighter than 6500 mercury argon, and are powered at less than 65% of their maximum rated current to achieve maximum longevity. Venbrite System 200 is simply the brightest, most efficient LED sign lighting system available.  Available in white, green and blue for the industry’s brightest LED illuminated signs.

  • Brilliantly Illuminates up to an 8” side stroke with a single string
  • Series wired like neon – with single wire design, reducing installation time
  • Ideal for Neon-to-LED conversions with the Ventex Rapid Retrofit
  • Available with either our 120 VAC or 277 VAC power supplies