Ventex Neon and LED Sign Lighting Technology

Ventex Sign Lighting Technology

Ventex has constantly relied on the input from sign fabricators and designers, and then applied our technological know how to develop products that meet the demands of the sign lighting industry. We pride ourselves as the sign industry’s technological leader for illumination solutions, and we welcome the industry’s challenges as opportunities to propagate our role to service our clients to their complete satisfaction.

Ventex technology is so advanced that no other neon power supply or transformer even comes close in performance and reliability. With the exclusive Triple-Shot™, Surge and Brownout protection built into Ventex Generation III Electronic Neon Power supplies, your neon signs will continue running through transient voltage spikes and brownouts. Our Line and Load Regulation insures consistent illumination throughout the sign, regardless of letter or logo size and shape.

The revolutionary design of Venbrite™ LED Systems delivers our most far-reaching and reliable technological advancement yet. Based on our proven, industry-standard neon technology, Venbrite is the sign industry’s first and only constant current, series-wired LED System. Unlike traditional class 2 LED systems, Venbrite has the unique advantage of simplicity. The Venbrite LED module contains only one powered part – the LED itself. This innovative technology is made possible by our extensive power supply technology, and is simply the most efficient and reliable method of powering  LEDs.