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As a leader in the lighting industry, Ventex frequently authors informative whitepapers and articles to share with the community. The current hot topic in the industry are electrical contractors who are embracing sign retrofits. They’ve discovered just how much money can be made by taking on signage when you are already retrofitting other areas on site. Upselling signage retrofits is easy due to the rebate money now available through most local power and utility companies. Read the white paper below to learn more.

This case study looks at lighting retrofits as an additional revenue stream for Electrical Contractors and clearly illustrates that the upside is almost impossible to ignore as a lucrative business opportunity.


Ventex LordShip Shell Project

Ventex Case Study: Comfort Suites white paper
As a business owner, you’re frequently presented with the decision of having to retrofit or maintain an aging lighting system. This case study shows the financial upside from a lighting retrofit. In this case, savings experienced over the course of the first year and a lighting rebate that make the decision pretty simple.